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About Toad Busters

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Owner/Operator Jeannine Tilford is a South Florida native who has worked for more than 25 years as a science teacher, animal educator, Herpetologist and Veterinary Technician.  


Jeannine has seen the devastating results of non-native species invading our beautiful state's ecosystem—including the loss of pets to cane toad toxins.  


In an effort to help maintain manageable numbers of the Bufo/cane toad and protect others' beloved, four-legged family members, she founded Toad Busters in 2015. Jeannine also founded Pet Protect Fencing, which installs maintenance-free mesh barriers to block dangerous toads out of a certain area. 


In addition to Jeannine, the company employs skilled technicians who are background checked and have a protocol to follow in order to ensure professional, thorough and courteous service.

Jeannine/Toad Busters is a registered Nuisance Wildlife Trapper (reptiles and snakes) with the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC). 

It's About You and
Your Pets

Our company exists to safeguard your dog from toxic toads. Hear from customers, meet our owner & team, and find out what can be done to prevent a tragedy.

Watch. Learn. Save a life. 

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