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We are Florida Fish & Wildlife approved trappers and herpetologists. We collect and remove poisonous cane toads from homeowners’ yards across South Florida. We also do barrier fence installation to help block those buggers out! These non-native, invasive toads are a serious threat to dogs’ lives. Our passion is helping homeowners have a safe yard for their four-legged family member to enjoy, as well as protecting Florida's ecosystem. Many South Floridians hire us to collect not only cane toads but non-native Cuban treefrongs too, which are loud and a nuisance. 

Contact Us to Learn More

At Toad Busters, we are always looking for qualified help. If you are an animal and nature lover, experienced with reptiles, eager, personable, responsible, able to work nights only, have reliable transportation, and can pass a background and drug tests, please contact us at Our work is a labor of love. Join us!

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