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Cane Toad Poisoning Emergency Response Kit

Enjoy peace of mind knowing that you have emergency supplies in a handy box... in the event that your dog is poisoned by a cane toad. 



• (1) Water bottle with a fine nozzle to help move toxins from the gumline

• (3) Rags to wipe the dog's mouth

• Activated charcoal to help prevent the absorption of toxin from the stomach and intestine

• Syringe to administer charcoal

• Flashlight

• Gloves

• Goggles

• Instructional booklet


Additionally, a QR code is on the box, which links to an instructional video.


Save precious time and rest assured that you will be able to react quickly to a cane toad poisoning with our Cane Toad Poisoning Emergency Response Kit. Your beloved pet is worth it!




Charcoal is not an antidote and other supportive care and medications may be needed for treatment of the poisoning. The kit is not a replacement for emergency veterinary services. 

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