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By Pet Protect Fencing - owned by Toad Busters 
We can find 'em.
We can catch 'em. 
We can block 'em out!


For the ULTIMATE protection, consider adding a toad barrier on your existing fence!

We offer a high-quality, maintenance-free, made-in-the-USA mesh barrier product through our Pet Protect Fencing division that helps BLOCK cane toads (and snakes!) from entering your yard. It holds up against pets, that lawn guy of yours, and the harsh Florida sun (it’s UV resistant).


Our barrier fencing looks great, (it's hardly noticeable), and allows you the same view you had before. All that and a lifetime factory warranty, against defects in the material, too!

barrier fence installtion rates
Barrier Installation Rates


Barrier fencing is cut, sewn and priced for each individual job. Please call us and we’ll come out to take a look at your fence and discuss your needs.

Call Now:  888-635-TOAD

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Customized Just for You

Most of our customers have the barrier placed at 2'6", but the material is custom sized and custom sewn for YOUR project so the height is up to you; it’s not one-size-fits-all. The lazy cane toads don’t often try to jump the barrier, they usually just hop on down the fence line into someone else's yard!

Secure, Convenient, No-Hassle

The seamless poisonous toad deterrent barrier we offer is screwed into your existing fence using molding that blends into the fence rail (this ensures that you can barely see where it's attached). The result is a tight barrier that avoids sagging. And if it accidentally gets cut by the lawn guy (an uncommon occurrence due to the strength of the mesh), it is very easy to unscrew and replace a small portion. More good news is that slices into the barrier do not cause an unraveling due to the way it’s woven; therefore you’re still largely protected from cane toads until we can head out to replace the panel. The material has a lifetime factory warranty against defects. 

Our first-rate barrier can be positioned on your existing fence at a height suited to your needs.
Barrier FAQs


Q. What’s the material made of?

A. Textilene® polyvinyl mesh in a basketweave pattern with a strength rating of 387 lbs. per square inch.


Q. Do you place the material at ground level?

A. No, we place the barrier 4” to 6" into the ground so that the toads cannot burrow under it. Therefore, we need to make sure the area does not have foliage and/or root structures (including old root systems) that make it difficult or impossible to place the material into the ground. Important note: If we cannot dig due to obstructions, we will stake the mesh to the ground and advise that the homeowner cover the staked mesh with dirt, rock, or mulch. We do not provide these groundcovers.


Q. How do you handle installation where the fence meets the house?

A. We attach the barrier to exterior walls of the house to avoid any gaps that may allow the toads access to the yard. 


Q. I have gates though. Now what?

A. When it comes to the gate, we will attach a piece of edging that will brush the ground ensuring a tight seal but allowing for the same gate movement and access you had before installation of the cane toad barrier.


Q. Doesn’t the lawn guys’ equipment tear this barrier up all the time?

A. No because not only is the Textilene® mesh nearly indestructible, we offer added protection by installing protective edging with screws and washers. We can run that edging on one or both sides of the fencing to offer you the shield you choose.


Q. What colors does the material come in?

A. Our barrier comes in black, brown, white and green. They are all see through, with matching moldings!


Q. Is the border strong?

A. Very! The border on the mesh material is a leather-engrained, reinforced Quadstitch® border material with multiple stitches of the highest grade Aqualon marine thread securing the border to the mesh.

Q. What type of fences work with the barrier?

A. We can apply the barrier to any fence including vinyl, chain link, aluminum, wood (including shadowbox) and more. 

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