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"Over the past several months, we have been customers of Toad Busters and we are extremely pleased with the results. We live in a new development and with all of the construction, hot weather and rain, the toads were an impossible problem... not only harmful to our pets but they leave droppings everywhere. Since Jeannine started collecting toads, the population has dropped considerably. We are only seeing one or two every few months versus every day. If more people in the community used her services, I believe we would rarely see these harmful toads. I highly recommend Toad Busters; they're very reliable."
- Debbie, Delray Beach

"We decided to get a rescue dog and were warned that the dog we chose likes to go after toads. We were concerned and decided to take action by calling Toad Busters. The first night, they caught more than 50 toads. They did this very quickly. Since then, we still have them out and this has kept this toad problem under control. If you have pets, I say call Toad Busters to protect your pets!"

- Ernest, Loxahatchee

"Just had them come out last week, and I have to say I am very happy so far with the results. They got roughly 25 and a ton of babies. Our dogs are worth the money. I would highly recommend them."

- Jason, West Palm Beach


"Toad Busters cleaned up my yard in a couple visits and haven't seen but one toad in almost 2 weeks. They will be back to sweep the yard again soon.  I used to have dozens of them hanging around my dog kennels. No more!"

- Mike, West Palm Beach


"Since Toad Busters has been coming out, we went from seeing hundreds of cane toads, to seeing almost none. We are also sleeping better since we live on a pond and now we don't hear them calling or breeding anymore near the house We highly recommend their service."

- Laura, Royal Palm Beach


"We had numerous cane toads around our property and were concerned about the safety of our dogs. Toad Busters eliminated most of the toads on the first visit. A few follow up visits have stopped all toad sightings. It's great to let our dogs enjoy the yard again."     

- Jeff, Jupiter                                                                                         


"After the first visit from Toad Busters, our toad numbers went to half. They're very professional and reasonable. We have them collect every two weeks. Because our dogs run loose, we want to be sure they are safe. I recommend Toad Busters very highly!"

 - Jerry, Delray Beach                                                                                                        

Some of our actual customers with their protected pets... 

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