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New Guinea Flatworm Spraying


The non-native and invasive New Guinea flatworm (Platydemus manokwari), which can carry the rat lungworm parasite (Angiostrongylus cantonensis), is a potential threat to humans and pets and has been found in 40 Florida counties including all counties in our service area. They’re non-native and invasive. As of 2014, the New Guinea flatworm is listed on the World's Most Invasive Species list, along with the cane toad.

New Guinea flatworms are found in yards, patios, gardens, and children’s play areas.  We worked to find a solution to keep these areas—and pets and humans who visit them—safe from the New Guinea flatworm and have developed a patent-pending, organic, safe-for-children-and-pets, and highly effective formula to spray. We’re ready to start initial applications! Our product is even safe for the earthworms that the New Guinea flatworm targets and eats!

Our formula will kill the flatworms on contact. It also provides secondary protection by creating a barrier that the worms tend to stay away from. By treating an area bi-weekly, we can help to keep your family and pets safe from accidental ingestion or accidental run-ins with the worms.  Again, our patent-pending product is safe for humans, pets and even frogs and earthworms, which are on the New Guinea flatworm’s diet.

Email us to inquire about flatworm spraying to protect your family. 

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