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Iguana Collection


Toad Busters has partnered with Veteran-owned Iguana Busters for the safe and humane removal of pesky iguanas. While Toad Busters serves a broad 12-county area for toad collection and barrier fencing, we offer iguana removal from West Palm Beach to the Florida Keys. Toad Busters is a one-stop shop for professional and lawful removal of both non-native, invasive species (Bufo/cane toads and iguanas). 

Iguanas are not only a nuisance, they are known carriers of salmonella bacteria and ticks. Each year, iguanas cause thousands of dollars in damage to residential roofs, pools and landscaping. From their dangerous burrows often under foundations and seawalls, to their unsanitary droppings sometimes in pools, iguanas are a major problem for homeowners. Did we mention that in South Florida, iguanas are the second leading cause of power outages... behind squirrels. 

Toad Busters is ready to get rid of those iguanas through its alliance with Iguana Busters. 

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