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Dog Owners Beware: Cane Toads are a Threat Across South Florida!

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"Thanks to Toad Busters we can now move forward and avoid further heartache from losing another beloved animal."

- Shawna L., Cape Coral, FL

Many accidental pet deaths annually are attributed to
cane toad poisoning.
Is your property safe?

Are Cane Toads Hiding on Your Property?

Ensure your pets are protected from poisonous cane toads & more with Toad Busters.

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Protecting Four-Legged Family Members Since 2015

Toad Busters, based in Martin County, Florida, proudly protects homeowners' properties, HOAs, golf courses, and businesses in South Florida from dangerous cane toads and more with its by-hand toxic toad collection services and mesh barriers to block toads out of an area.

Watch this video to learn more about us... and how our services save pets' lives. 

"The first night, they caught more than 50 toads."

- Ernest P., Loxahatchee, FL



Your Pet's Safety is our Top Priority 

Fill out the short form below to get peace-of-mind for yourself and a safer more secure, cane-toad-monitored property for your pets. 

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