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Toad Removal and Poisoning Prevention 

  • Professional Toad Collection 
  • Safe & Humane
  • No Pesticides or Chemicals
  • Installation of Toad Barriers 
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Let us help protect your furry friends.


Cane toads (also known as bufo toads) can kill dogs. And in South Florida, cane toads are simply everywhere... including your yard. 


Dogs often chase or try to "play" with cane toads; they may lick, nose-nudge or pick up cane toads in their mouth. This exposes your pet to a rapid-acting toxin is then absorbed by the membranes in the dog’s mouth, causing symptoms ranging in severity from drooling, head-shaking and crying... to loss of coordination, convulsions and death.


Take action to help avoid costly vet visits or even the loss of your pet. Toad Busters will make your yard safer with its cane toad removal service and barrier fence installation.


Toad Busters is NOT a veterinary clinic. If you need help for a toad envenomation, call your nearest vet or animal emergency clinic. 

About Us

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Toad Busters is a Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission-approved company that collects poisonous cane toads by hand and humanely euthanizes them per protocols set by University of Florida Department of Ecology and Conservation. Since 2015, the company has grown from serving only Palm Beach County, Florida to now having crews across South Florida.


Why "by hand"? Chemicals and homemade remedies such as ammonia are ineffective (due to the thickness of the toads' skin), inhumane, and harmful to native plants and animals. Traps are equally ineffective (catching small numbers if any), snare native animals, and do not result in proper euthanization and disposal of the invasive toads. Did you know it is illegal to release cane toads in Florida once caught? That's right! Leave cane toad collection and disposal to the professionals at Toad Busters.

Our Services

Toad Collection

Toad Busters will come to your location and safely and humanely collect and remove cane toads from your property. Our work is completed 100% by hand. There are no traps, pesticides or chemicals used.  Learn More »


Barrier Fence Installation

For the ultimate TOAD-FREE zone, let us install a mesh barrier! Combined with toad collection, this creates the SAFEST possible environment for your beloved pet.  Learn More »

Iguana Collection

Through our partnership with Iguana  Busters, we can rid your property of nuisance iguanas, too!

Learn More »


Who We Serve

Toad Busters and Pet Protect Fencing are based in Martin County, Florida.
Customer Types
  • Homeowners

  • HOAs

  • Golf Courses

  • Businesses

Toad Collection Service Area

Broward, Lee, Martin, Miami-Dade, Monroe, Palm Beach, St. Lucie, and Collier counties. 

Toad Barrier Service Area

We install barriers all across Florida, so... call us! Homeowners outside of the cane toad range in SE and SW Florida often want the barrier to keep other wildlife out (racoons, snakes, coyotes, etc.) and/or keep their pets confined. 

Cane Toad Poisoning Emergency Response Kit

Order Your Kit Today!

Cane Toad Poisoning Emergency Response Kit. Peace of mind in one convenient package!


Call Now

We ain't afraid of no toads!

Reach us at or 888-635-TOAD or by filling out the below form. Hop to it!

Thank you for your inquiry. 

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