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Important Information for New Residents 

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Welcome to South Florida, one of the most beautiful places in the United States. You now live where people vacation! As new residents, there's a lot to enjoy… from Naples across Alligator Alley to the Palm Beaches, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami. And as a pet owner, you’ll surely enjoy the many local dog parks and pet-friendly beaches year ‘round.


While our area boasts incredible weather and a lifestyle that’s second-to-none, there are also unique risks that pet owners must be aware of. One example is poisonous cane toads, a non-native, invasive species that’s deadly to most animals—including dogs and cats. We're pet lovers too, and part of our mission is educating new residents about toxic toads, the risks they pose, and options to keep your pets safe.


Unfortunately, cane toads are a severe problem in South Florida. They’re everywhere and contact with one can often be deadly for a dog or cat. They're a year-round concern, and female cane toads can lay as many as 30,000 eggs at once! Many responsible pet owners believe a reliable cane toad removal plan is a necessity so that their pet can enjoy its own yard safely. 


Prevention is key. Scroll below to review the options we offer to protect your pet so they can enjoy all that your new home of South Florida has to offer!

Safeguard Your Pets Now

toad collection rates
Toad Collection Rates



Initial consultation and first collection. Includes full assessment of property and specific recommendations to make it less attractive to cane toads. Also includes full collection/removal service. Barrier fence customers receive a discount on their initial collection service. 


$170 monthly // BEST VALUE

Two visits per month. Minimum three-month agreement. 


$125 per visit

You call, we schedule a single visit. 


Single-visit emergency service; 24-hours per day.

At the end of the service, a collection report with photos (if requested) of what was caught and removed will either be delivered or emailed to the designated contact person.  

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Since 2015, Toad Busters has been safeguarding pets for South Floridians… one yard at a time! We offer regularly scheduled collections to remove deadly cane toads. Managing the breeding population reduces their numbers significantly. We also offer a barrier product to go on existing fences to block toxic toads our of a certain area… such as your dog run. Founded by a former vet tech because she saw too many canine deaths from toxic toads, our work is a labor of love.


Actual customers with their protected pets


Contact the Toad Removal Specialists Today

We ain't afraid of no toads!

Reach us at or 888-635-TOAD or by filling out the below form. Hop to it!

Thank you for your inquiry. 

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